About Us


Our Mission

Moongate Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is committed to providing quality professional structural engineering services to Bermuda’s residential designers, builders and homeowners. The firm’s mission is to develop innovative, economic and sustainable solutions that successfully meet the needs of our clients, whilst adding value and a better quality of life for all.

Our Vision

Moongate Engineering & Consulting is a small boutique engineering firm specializing in residential design and assessment. At ME&C adaptability and responsiveness are of great importance.


The firm’s vision is to provide high quality service with a personalized touch and solutions that meet both the design intent and budget in a timely manner. Through collaboration we aim to play our role in the innovative transformation of communities while valuing the traditional construction Bermuda has come to cherish.

Our Approach

True structural engineering is about understanding how structures work and how they can be used in the context of the design as a whole. Codes of practice and design guidance form the background of what we do. However, they do not define our way of thinking or how we do things.


At Moongate Engineering & Consulting Ltd. we have a duty to deliver the best solution based on a number of criteria such as buildability, cost, programme, ease of service installations, structural depth, site constraints, and appearance, to name just a few. Though no one structural solution will deliver all, the firm shall aim to select the approach which best meets the important issues on the project.


Our Amazing Clients

We are grateful for our client's trust in our services as we seek to surpass expectations.